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IA 70 Integrated Amplifier
After a training in electronics, Hervé Benichou joined Haute Fidélité, the French reference magazine for the pu- blication of listening tests.

Over the years, Hervé Benichou will evaluate many elec- tronics and confront the different technical approaches with his designers. No amplifIer provides this absolute listening to transparency.

Passionate about amplifIcation, he pursues his quest by studying the famous theory of thermal distortion which highlights the inadequacy between measurements and the musicality felt by the amplifIers.

A difference that can be seen between transistor cir- cuits with perfect curves and tube circuits with magic musicality, as the famous 300B, but less performing to measurements.
100% anti-IMD* Technology
His meeting with researcher Pierre Johannet, who is the source of many experiments on semiconductors and on IMD present in the air, marks the start of Hervé Benichou's work on the implementation of circuits intended to eradi- cate The imd.

After more than fIfteen years, Hervé Benichou's research resulted in the fIrst integrated amplifIer entirely de- signed and produced by him, and containing electronic cir- cuits specifIcally designed to control the imd present at all stages of an amplifIer.

The Electron Research IA70 integrated amplifIer is, for the moment, at the prototype stage in the pre-industrial phase. It is presented for the fIrst time in Munich at the high end 2017 show.

Before being unveiled, it has successfully undergone nu- merous tests with high and low performance speakers and regardless of their technology and price, it sur- passes all the worldwide references of amplifIcation.
*IMD : Interface Micro Discharges
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